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Our highest priorities: your safety and exceeding your expectations


1. The M/V Peregrine is outfitted with all necessary safety and emergency equipment.  She is very seaworthy and well maintained.  Your captain will cancel or modify the tour, without hesitation, if sea conditions are hazardous or degrading to a point that unnecessary risks are developing.

2. We will explore Sitka Sound with a light touch on the environment.  While providing exceptional opportunities to observe and photograph marine mammals and other wildlife, we will do it in a way that does not stress the animals.  We will recover trash we find, whether adrift in the ocean or washed up on the shore.

3. Captain John will do everything in his power to ensure you have the finest-possible Sitka Sound wilderness adventure.  If you think the trip has come up short of your expectations, in a way that was within the Captain’s control, let us know, and we will make it right.  Nothing short of your complete satisfaction is our goal!

What you will not experience on your Alaska Wild Coast adventure

1. We do not run tours that combine guests that do not know each other and who do not have a shared vision for the kind of wilderness experience they would like to have.  All tours are customized to the preferences and abilities of your private party.

2. We do not operate cruises that are less than 3-hours in duration.  Sitka Sound is just too good to be rushed, and we think that you deserve a better experience than a shorter cruise can provide (Anything worth doing is worth doing right!)

3. We do not promise that you will get really close to whales, or closer than other boats.  Frankly, some boat operators behave very badly around whales, and they too-frequently impact the whales’ ability to forage and rest.  If we see too many boats around the same whale or group of whales, we won’t even stop.  We will wait for a better opportunity to watch whales which does not cause stress to the animals.

And while we’re on the subject of whale watching …


As odd as this may sound coming from an operator of a smaller boat – If your #1 goal is to have the best whale watching experience possible, and to have it without causing undue stress to the animals, consider booking a sightseeing cruise on one of the larger catamarans. 


The operators of those boats generally maintain a respectful distance from the whales.  The catamarans are very maneuverable and powered by water jets that produce less underwater noise than propeller-driven boats.


The catamarans’ wide stance makes them a relatively stable platform for viewing and photography, especially when the water is rough.

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