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Experience Sitka Sound’s amazing scenery and wildlife by private boat, then go ashore on a remote island or stretch of wild coast to beachcomb, take a leisurely soak in a hot spring or enjoy an Alaska-style beach fire & picnic prepared by your crew.


Price (USD):              Variable, depending on duration and number of guests.
Tour Duration:          As preferred by guests, with a minimum of 4 hours.
Guest Capacity:       One private party of up to 6 guests.
Provided for Use:     Binoculars, charts of the area, wildlife field guides.
Snacks/Beverages:   Variety of sweet & savory snacks; chilled sodas, juice & bottled water.
Recommended:       Sunglasses, camera, gloves, comfortable walking shoes and rain gear.

Additional Notes:

  • The duration for this experience can be as short as 4-hours, or up to 8-hours.  We recommend a duration of at least 5-hours to enjoy a truly unrushed wilderness adventure.

  • Unless arrangements have been made to start the trip from an alternate location, please meet John at the Big Shelter at Crescent Harbor 15 minutes prior to your tour time.

  • Guest safety is our highest priority.  Your tour will be cancelled if the captain determines that conditions are unsafe.  A full refund shall be made if the tour is cancelled.

    Season:    April 1 -- September 30

    Schedule:  Tour timing based on guest’s preferences

FULL DESCRIPTION:  Sitka Sound, framed between the snow-capped peaks of Baranof Island and the solitary grandeur of the dormant volcano Mount Edgecumbe, is one of the most dynamic coastal wilderness environments on Earth.  The secret passages, golden kelp forests and myriad islands of this charismatically beautiful place nurtures an amazing variety and abundance of wildlife.

While cruising the pristine waters of the Sound, you will have the opportunity to view and learn about humpback & other species of whales, sea otters, sea lions, porpoise and seals.  With bald eagles reeling overhead, we will skirt islands of moss-draped trees and trace remote stretches of coastline in search of brown bears and black-tailed deer.

Sea conditions permitting, a circumnavigation of the St Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge is a highlight for bird watchers.  The island’s sea caves and rugged cliffs are home to almost half-a-million nesting seabirds, including tufted puffins, rhinoceros auklets, murres and guillemots.  The intertidal zone is adorned with colorful anemones, sea stars and cold-water sponges.   

Take a break from cruising to step ashore for a wild coast adventure of your choosing – to beachcomb, dabble about in colorful tidepools, trace the meandering tracks of a brown bear, or just sit and appreciate the beauty and solitude of your surroundings. The interface between rainforest and ocean is a photographer’s dream, and it provides unlimited opportunities for discovery.  

You also have options to enjoy an Alaska-style beach fire & picnic prepared by your crew, or to be dropped off at Goddard hot springs for a relaxing soak.  If you wish, we can even arrange to bring sea kayaks, to explore kelp forests & secluded estuaries, accompanied by a guide.  Be sure to dress warmly in layers, wear sturdy footwear and bring along your raingear. 

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