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Growing up in Montana, John spent as much time as possible exploring wild places on foot or floating rivers in his kayak.  At 20, he started working in Alaska, as a deckhand on a vessel running sightseeing cruises in Glacier Bay.  That summer of adventure led to a career path and a life-long passion.  For 35-years, John has been a pioneer in designing and conducting experiential wilderness boat tours in Alaska, and to his way of thinking, every great day starts with dropping the lines and heading out on the ocean for a day of exploring with new friends.

Alison grew up in Juneau, where she spent a lot of time sailing the waters of Southeast Alaska with her family.  While home on break from college in the summer of 1986, she worked as a deckhand on a large passenger catamaran, and that is where she met John.  Alison & John moved to Sitka in 1992, where Alison was soon involved in teaching outdoor camping and survival skills to teens and young adults.  She also became an experienced sea kayaker, and eventually, the manager of her own very successful sea kayak tours & expeditions business.

Together, John & Alison have worked in adventure tourism in Southeast Alaska their entire adult lives.  And this newest endeavor, Alaska Wild Coast, is the embodiment of all that they have learned.  Their goal is to share the wild places they love, in a way that transforms their guests’ understanding of the value of preserving these natural treasures, and to provide a truly personalized wilderness experience that will become a cherished memory forever.

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